“MANYO” is the carpet collection embodying the beauty of plain colors rooted in Japanese traditional culture.

The 12 poems and plain colors are chosen with inspiration drawn from traditional colors interwoven in
“Manyoshu”, Japan’s oldest extant collection of poems.
“Yarn Mercerization”, a practical applicate technique used for the first time, enabled a soft touch and
deepened textured with an aged like expression.

The subtle and plain colors fit any space and meld into daily scenes.
The collection redefines the standards which intimate a delicate color sense and gentle daily scenes.




Yamagata Dantsu, the only company in Japan, whose whole carpet production process is collectively controlled by internal management.
All of the steps from yarn making, dying, weaving to finish are done by craftsperson’s hand to ensure high-quality manufacturing.
See the production scenes of MANYO from our workshop.